Calming Bedroom Design Ideas

Calming Bedroom Design Ideas

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You probably already know that your bedroom should be a safe haven … your oasis … your special place.

It makes sense … I mean, after all, that’s where you end your day and start your day. Isn’t your bedroom supposed to make you smile and feel comfortable?

Well, if you choose not to stay in the bedroom until it’s dark outside, here are some bedroom design ideas that will create a relaxing and relaxing space.

Color your bedroom in your favorite color

Waking up in a color you like is the perfect way to start your day. Don’t get too busy with what the bedroom should or shouldn’t be.

If you like neutral colors, then paint your bedroom with neutral colors. Or paint your bedroom complementing your favorite color and then add accents in your favorite color.

Complementary is the color on the opposite side of the color wheel.

1). Red’s complement is Green.

2). The complement of blue is Orange.

3). The complement of yellow is Purple.

So, if you love purple, maybe paint your walls lavender and add yellow cushions and a vase of yellow tulips. Just use a color that you really like for a private bedroom design.

Use one cloth, but use it everywhere

Many people have a hard time coordinating different fabric patterns successfully. In fact, many bedroom design ideas get too busy with a mix of plaid and floral prints.

So, pick a fabric that matches your paint color and use it on your curtains … on your bed … and even on upholstered chairs.

If you are really worried that one of the ingredients is too many, choose a dense fabric that matches your main material.

Add candles and mood lighting

Lighting can enhance a bedroom design more than you may realize. Yes, you need lights for workspace lighting, but to truly create a bedroom that is light, soft, and relaxing, you need lighting to match the ambiance.

This can be made with candles, floor cans that project light up from the floor, wall sconces, and even a picture lamp.

Add a soft texture

Remember that the purpose of your bedroom design ideas is to calm. So, choose a soft and comfortable fabric. Choose silk, cotton and suede. Even terry cloth can add an unexpected luxury. Use lots of pillows for comfort, and visual appeal.

Don’t forget about privacy

At night, you don’t have to worry about privacy. Make sure your bedroom design ideas include window treatments covering your windows at night. This will also close the room and add comfort to the room.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to plan the perfect bedroom design idea. Stay personal, choose the colors and materials you like … choose a work of art that makes you smile and enjoy the decorating process.

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