Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

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If you want to revive your backyard, I can suggest you one effective way to do it, try placing a homemade fire pit. The only requirement is that you have to have enough creativity and you have to put in a lot of effort so that you can make a fire pit in the backyard that will be suitable for your family barbecue.

You can even recreate the medieval witch – the arson ceremony. But of course, I’m just kidding. What I’m not kidding, however, is this backyard fire pit idea.

Making your own holes is a tough record if you know where to find materials with which to make them. There are many wonderful things that can be used to make a fire pit.

Tractor Tire Fire Extinguisher

First, you need to find a flat, level surface to place it on. Make sure it is away from flammable materials such as fuel or flammable objects such as paper, trees, dry grass, etc. And of course, keep it away from your home.

It’s a little distance. If you have concrete in your backyard that will be great, otherwise you can remove the gravel first or maybe some dirt to make a somewhat safer place. Next, you dig a hole. Not very deep, maybe a foot or 12 inches deep. After that lay down the tire rim and surround it with bricks or stones. Fill it with fire and you’re good to go!

Stone and / or Brick Fire Pits

You can also choose a slightly natural option. Rocks and bricks are perfect materials for fire pits because they don’t burn and also look great to work with. This option requires a large number of stones and / or bricks, whichever is available nearby.

There are also rock landscaping blocks available too, but always make sure that they are non-flammable, including plastic or any kind of flammable adhesive. You can also use concrete blocks or punched blocks as an alternative, but the concrete deteriorates to heat over time.

But the good thing about concrete is that it is cheap and you can replace it immediately if needed. You can buy these items at most hardware supply stores. Building it is easy too. All you have to do is dig a 12-inch hole in the ground, laying a layer of rock around it.

Leave a small gap between the stones to allow air. It’s perfect if you stack dry. You can lay three to four levels of stone or / and brick and fill the center with gravel to aid drainage.

So now that you have a variety of backyard fire pit ideas, you now have access to a backyard fire pit that will bring a cooler and more relaxing moment in your life, along with your family and friends.

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